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Where we train

Outdoor Exercise In Leeds.


Do you hate going to the gym but want to get in shape. Well, then today is your lucky day, because Simfit100 is providing diverse fitness sessions in the great outdoors with regular classes running on a weekly basis.

The Benefits of training outdoors with Simfit100.

Your workout will be tailored. The fact is running on a treadmill is boring. Period. Sure, you can stare at the TV or listen to music, but does that really give you results? Exercising outdoors with Simfit100 will keep your mind off the clock, and keep you focused on your target!

No machines but lots of kit. Your muscles will get used to any routine especially the regular day to day training you do in a gym. Machines can not mimic the body’s natural movements and therefore restrict your range. If you’re working out on the same machines over and over again, you won’t gain results fast. Simfit100 has 15 years combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. When you exercise outside, you are pushed to your limits…No distractions, No waiting about and No Excuses. Simfit100 gives you a better workout and better results.

Steer clear of distractions and focus on You. Think about it, when you go to the gym, you’re in a confined place full of people – strangers, who are sweating profusely, flexing in the mirrors and focusing more on the music channel than their workouts.  Doesn’t that just sound like on massive distraction ? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take my chances against the elements and get a real workout,  pushing my body to the limit and getting some great results.

Fresh air helps you relax and de-stress. Getting a healthy dose of fresh air will help you clear your mind and calm you down.

Welcome to our playground. Simfit100 provides a wide range of class catering for every level of ability and fitness:

SF Bootcamp are currently operating in Leeds & Bradfords. The first session is free to everyone (18+) and we cater for all abilities. The sessions involve a wide range of exercises using equipment such as tyres, medicine balls, resistance bands, boxing kit, body weight resistance and lots lots more. For directions to our meeting points please visit our facebook pages (links below).

Leeds sessions are; Becketts park Tuesday at 18:30 & Saturday at 10:30 https://www.facebook.com/SF-Bootcamp-Becketts-Park-955683601164620/

Carr Manor community school on a Wednesday at 16:30 (term time) and at the primary school (non term time).

Chapel Allerton park, every Thursday at 18:30 https://www.facebook.com/SF-Bootcamp-Chapel-Allerton-1522001034793145/ .

Bradford sessions are held at Lister park on a Monday/Wednesday at 19:00 and on a Saturday at 08:30 https://www.facebook.com/SF100Bootcamp/

All sessions are suitable for anyone interested in becoming fitter, stronger, training for an event, weight loss or just to become healthier. Every session is different and could involve a series of speed and strengthening exercises, interval training, distance training and so on.

Join Us.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Leeds for either a one-to-one session, to create your own group session, hold a corporate session or for team building activities / day, then look no further. Simfit100 has a package to suit you! Call 07531246271 for more information, alternatively you can email simmonskingsley@gmail.com .

Please do not hesitate to call, day or night I’m always available and if I’m busy, I’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements / inquiry as soon as possible.

Your information is confidential and only used by ME!