First Time Fitness.

Workout Sessions For Beginners in Leeds.

If ‘plan A’ did not work, the alphabet has 25 more letters…. Don’t be put off and take that first step to a new life. Make time, Make the call!

My brother had a body like a Greek god but one day that all changed. He now weighs 21 stone. Due to me being away all the time with the Army, I was unaware of this.

Simfit 100 has intervened and he is back on his way to hitting his target weight of 14 stone by February 2014. Stay tuned!!

Simfit 100 offers a full workout session for beginners in Leeds

I know:

That getting into a routine is difficult.

People are put off gyms by others that attend.

Recovering from an injury is a struggle.

That if you are lacking in confidence, it affects your life!

But Remember… No matter how slow you go. Your are still beating everyone on the sofa.