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Simfit100 offers a wide range of exercise classes and fitness workouts in Leeds, training a wide range of ages and abilities.

Simfit sessions are challenging, motivating, enjoyable and scheduled to suit your company or lifestyle and include:

Personal Training

Thinking of starting out with some fun exercise, need to fine tune a specific fitness discipline, want to lose weight or just generally need a new challenge…you have come to the right place. Personal Training sessions are designed to fit your needs. I will work with you to address your goals, lifestyle and nutrition habits to achieve your results in a fun challenging way. I’ve transformed thousands of lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes…so what are you waiting for! Each session my clients are taken through a series of stretching techniques to relieve stress, realign their tissues, help recover from workouts faster and gain much needed flexibility. Plus being put through your paces is a fun varied way to reach your goals.

I offer 1:1 or 1:2 sessions throughout the week and at weekends depending on your commitments. I will provide a training schedule and advice on nutrition as well as the sessions giving you all the tools to succeed. Drop me a line HERE for more info.

SF Bootcamp

Widen your smile by joining in our #SFBootcamp sessions around Leeds and Bradford. Not only will you be surrounded by fantastic members all joining in as part of their own fitness and health journey but the varied fun challenging sessions will help you run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, balance better and ultimately perform stronger in your day to day life. Not only is it a great was to tone up and lose a little body fat plus improve your flexibility you will be training with some wonderful people.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, weekend warrior or just in need of a little encouragement to kick start your fitness lifestyle #SFBootcamp is for you! Drop me a line HERE for more info.

Corporate Fitness

Ever thought your team at work needs a challenge. How about everyone is working ridiculous hours and struggling to fit exercise in with home life? Maybe there’s a fundraiser you’d like to attend with some colleagues but you’re not sure how to go about training for it togther. SimFit100 Corporate fitness is your answer. I provide tailored fitness sessions to your office door. I specialise in Team Building sessions specific for your requirements or regular training sessions either inside or outside the office building.

I can work with you to design a team building package which enhances communication skills, draws out leadership qualities plus identifying how to function as a team more effectively. Including activities focused on problem solving, agility and most important team work. Drop me a line HERE for more info.

Fitness Health & Consultant

There’s no getting away from it…the key to good health and optimum fitness levels is NUTRITION . Hence why I’ve spent lots of time training and educating myself over the past years on the best ways to eat.

Alongside training I provide discounted health supplements to compliment every requirement to complete a persons nutritional intake. Over the years I have also found that tweaks to a person's nutrition can help with aches and pains plus manage away injuries alongside clever training (and physio if required).

Click on #SFHealth to be taken straight to my Health & Nutrition page or drop me a line HERE for more info.

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